Machine Name: CNC VTL
Manufacturer: TITAN
Model: SC 27
Location: Mumbai
YOM: 1999
Technical Specification: 
Chuck Dia: 2500mm 
Swing Dia: 2700mm
Height: 2300mm
Min distance from table to cross slide: 300mm
Max distance from table to cross slide: 2300mm
ATC: 12 Stations 
Controller: Fanuc OiTF-Plus New Installed in  January 2024
X/Z Axis Beta 40/2000 with Analog Spindle 
New Spindle Motor Drive: Baumuller Model: BKF/BKD 7000
Spindle Motor: IEG (Ind Elettrom Giuliane)
3 Stage Gear Box for Spindle
Powerpack Electrical Motor: MarelliMotori 

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